My name is Heidi Sorbello and I am a Healer and therapist based in Eden's Landing, between North Gold Coast and South Brisbane.I provide good service for clients looking for home based rehab, brief intervention techniques for alcohol and other drugs issues and assistance for family members helping those in crises.I am available after hours on week days and also offer a Mobile service.

With 5 Years Experience Working For Health Organisations Delivering Case Management And Counselling For Alcohol And Other Drug Issue And Practicing For 3 Years Doing Therapy Such As NLP, Hypnotherapy And Brief Interventions And More Recently Reiki.

I have always been interested in many approaches and selecting those that work for the individual. Treatment needs to be intuitive and work where the healing is needed the most. Some addictions and compulsive behaviour are signs of emotional and spiritual harm from events. Clearing is on all levels, not just mentally but deeper at an emotional and subconscious level. Knowing where to start a healing journey, or your recovery, is to learn Brief mindfulness, Neurolinguistic programing, and Reiki to gently heal from pain on all levels.

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