Transformation Work

I do meditations for those who have been a light worker, healer or work in professions helping others. I offer updated information about undoing the harm of the current energy system. I clear away issues with chakras, kundalini, your karma, others karma and more. You must end agreements that do not serve your higher or true self. Much needed work to connect with your true inner power and create. Comprehensive manifesting steps which work on your own innate creative power. End the agreements of darker energies that are blocking all your efforts to have a better life. Learn the best shields to use daily and for any maintenance that comes up.

Nuero-linguistic Programming

NLP is a positive way to change the programing of stuck patterns and habits. It’s a powerful way to tackle the cravings leading to alcohol and other drug use. Change the unhealthy patterns with gentle guidance of your inner thoughts and emotional experience. Kick start changes like recovery from trauma by clearing the negativity of experience.

Do you experience:

  • Alcohol and other drug habits
  • Compulsive behaviour such as working, eating- under-eating, overeating, excessive cleaning or shopping?
  • Do you wish to change a habit or reaction that stems from trauma?
  • Negative relationships, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of motivation?

How it works? Gentle filtering of experiences which cause trauma and addiction. Change the experience in the subconscious to clear away harmful reactions. You will feel the difference quite rapidly. Many addictions and trauma can be healed with reprograming of any issue causing it. Don’t spend months talking about the same issue, process it with NLP in a much fewer sessions than cognitive therapy.

Brief Interventions

Mindfulness- Brief exercises to teach you how to cope with draining emotions and matters causing a lot of stress for you right now. Really helps you from preventing stress from becoming a problem. If you cope with stress with your negative habits, you can change the pattern daily.

Learn to cope with strong emotions, release them with simple techniques that work. It won’t take months either. Learn mindfulness and introduction to the healing advantages of meditation. Takes 2 to 3 sessions mostly. Learn how to benefit with simple instruction you can use in your daily life. Learn how to reflect, process emotions safely, deal with distress and move forward.

Emotions are changing sensations that move through the body. We make a judgement that the feeling is bad and try to fight it. When we have a negative thought: We Review, Rehash and Research.Review- focus on just that problem. Rehash- go over your faults and lay blame. Research- look for something to blame, or someone..Then try to get rid of the painful feeling. When we feel bad from sorrow, pain, guilt, being disappointed, angry.. It creates tension, stress and strain. We may find short term relief like alcohol or drugs. It’s better to find a long-term way to release strong emotions.

NLP/mindfulness fusion- New powerful way to release the stress from experiences you struggle with daily. Learn how to resolve problems without being continually stressed.

Brief exercises to do basic meditation and clearing. Remove sources of negative energy from people, places, situations and others not helping you. Time Line therapy and Reiki removes blocks such as events and negative decisions.


Hypnotherapy helps you change unhealthy behaviours, bad habits and long-term addictions.
Powerful suggestions can be programmed according to what you want changed.
A comprehensive script for stopping smoking and post counselling support.
Scripts for regular or recreational alcohol and other drug use.
Script for trying to maintain healthy eating or reduce overeating.
Intensive programing for removing the urge to smoke, overeat, use drugs, drink alcohol, gamble and other compulsive behaviors. Often work very effectively with NLP. Keep on track with the changes with post hypnotherapy support. Your subconscious will signal a change in your behavior and you will notice diminished urges soon after.


Inquire about special deals.

  • For people in stressful work environments.
  • For people recovering on outpatient basis from trauma, addictions.
  • Short interventions for you to maintain therapy benefits.
  • Learn how to daily process stress with easy to learn and do NLP, mindfulness and meditation.
  • Diary work for stress, trauma and alcohol and other drugs issues.

Reiki Healing

Energy chanelling with hand positions. Safe, gentle and ancient effective method that shows great results. Amazing results with difficult conditions. Healing of physical and emotional pain. Stress reduction and relaxation. Soothing life’s traumas gently. Reiki does offer relief if you suffer from :

  • Muscular pain and other injuries
  • Asthma, lung, hernia, heart, lung and gastro issues
  • Relief from headache. Stress conditions.
  • Traumu conditions such as PTSD, drug and alcohol, anxiety, compulsive work, codpendency, excessive shopping and eating disorders.